>> Soundtrack zum Mystery-Drama TRAPPED von Philippe Weibel, Solothurner Filmtage 2012

–> Full Movie auf YouTube

Piano, Keyboards: Christian Rösli
Guitars: Michael Bucher
Percussion: Marius Peyer
Mix, Electronics, Efx: Thomas Winkler

Produktionsleitung: Julia Maria Morf
Band Engineering: Roman Frischknecht
Gesamttonmischung: Martin Stäheli


We’re gonna have fun

Exploring wolves territory

Something strange

Tracking the wolves

Something is out there

The girl of my dreams

Deserted camp

Still fun

Back on the wolves trail

Waiting for the dram girl


Should have listend

Still friend

The prince and the princess

Enchanted garden

Happily ever after

Can’t stop the fever

I have to get. out of here

Leaving the camp

She is dead

Carrying his friend

I would do anything

The big bad wolf

No escape

I never told you

End titles